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The Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT Yacht Transport partnership: fully equipped to transport your yacht wherever it needs to go!

Services of Sevenstar Yacht Transport Australia extended with Float On – Float Off technique

Two of the leading companies in yacht transport have joined forces: Sevenstar Yacht Transport has teamed up with Florida-based DYT Yacht Transport (DYT), ensuring the two brands cover virtually the entire globe when it comes to offering their services.

Yacht Transport for Australia has just become a lot easier, with the Netherlands-based Spliethoff Group now coordinating and operating both companies under their own brands. This means transporting your yacht throughout the South Pacific and across the globe has become more effective, faster and cheaper.

A special kind of transport ship for yacht transports

DYT is special: their two ships (the Yacht Express and Super Servant 4) aren’t just any kind of transport ships: they’re the world’s only dedicated Yacht Transport ships that can load and offload yachts into their docking area… while it is submerged!

Yacht Transport

There’s no hauling with cranes involved: the yachts seamlessly float onto the DYT ships’ cargo areas, which then raises itself up, firmly securing the yachts on the deck. For offloading, the procedure is simply reversed!

More options for yacht transports to and from Australia

This new outstanding loading technique is why Sevenstar is very happy about bringing DYT into the fold. They bring a unique technology to the table that wasn’t available to Sevenstar’s clients before. This new partnership gives you, the client and more options when it comes to picking the method of transport for your yacht, to and from Australia.

Whereas before conventional shipping, with the use of cranes, was your only choice, the new “float-on, float off” ships by DYT are now within your reach.

Making sure your yacht reaches its destination quickly and without hassle

With DYT covering the transatlantic yacht transport, Sevenstar can cater to virtually any type of customer:

  • Whether you’re a charter boat owner, who needs to be in the Caribbean at a certain date, but back in the US by another;
  • Or whether you’re a game fishing enthusiast who needs to be at a tournament in Costa Rica;
  • A cruising Australian couple who wants to start their around-the-world journey in the South Pacific;

Any time you need your yacht to be somewhere, but you don’t have the time to sail it there yourself: DYT and Sevenstar will make sure your yacht is where it needs to be, on time, in pristine condition.

Yacht Transport Australia

All loading, transport and offloading is handled strictly by Sevenstar Yacht Transport Australia’s experienced professionals 

You can be sure your yacht is handled with the utmost care: every single one of our loading and offloading procedures is handled by professional loading masters. They are backed up by a team of DYT and Sevenstar agents, who ensure smooth goings of the logistical side of things, deal with
port authorities and ensure there are no unsuspected issues or costs.

Our agents are particularly knowledgeable about protocols and procedures in each and every country they operate in. That means less wear and tear on your yacht, time off for the crew, but most importantly: no stress, at all, for you.

There are so many fabulous cruising destinations worldwide: with our help, you could possibly reach them all within a lifetime!

We know how to handle precious yachts - shall we handle yours, too?

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