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The law of most countries requires clearance be arranged by the current yacht owner or captain. However, with our high annual volume, Sevenstar Yacht Transport is able to negotiate the very best possible rates for you. We will assist you whenever possible and direct you to the best locally available customs broker.

Please make your arrangements as early as possible. Without proper clearance in place, your yacht cannot be loaded or discharged.

documents required for customs clearance

  • Certificate of registry
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of commercial invoice (for VAT purposes)

Please contact our local port agent for the custom clearance, except in West Palm Beach where please contact:

Masterpiece International Ltd
2401 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, F 33410
Phone: +1 561 3453955
Fax: +1 561 3453924

Special customs requirement for St. Thomas US Virgin Islands


Please leave a copy of the yacht documents on the chart table and in case you are leaving the USVI's a copy of the inward custom documents as well. USVI Customs sometimes perform onboard spot-checks on the yachts to ensure all yachts have entered and leaved the country legally.



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