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How can we be of service?

Whether you would like to go on holiday with your yacht. Or you are a worldcruiser and prefers a one way ticket. Or you participate in races around the world. Or maybe you just have
purchased a yacht in a different part of the world. Or you are an
adventurous explorer discovering new horizons.. Just contact us and we at Sevenstar Yacht Transport are happy to be of service to you and make it happen.

Why Sevenstar Yacht Transport?

30 years of experience est.1985. 
World leader World leader in yacht transport.
Shipowner Over 120 company owned vessels.   
Dedicated team    Worldwide offices.
Service       Overall smooth operation.

Check out our sailing schedule. If you have any immediate questions, contact us online or call +31 204488590.

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What Sevenstar can do for you

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the world's leading provider of yacht transportation services.

The Happy Customer


Very reliable transport company
Sevenstar Yacht Transport is a very reliable transport company which has a truly outstanding customer service department.
Between the company's account executives and the people who keep you updated on progress of their ship and my vessel, I received 22 updates . The people that I spoke to were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable, and I appreciated the consistent information on the progress of their vessel and  mine. I was appraised of the whereabouts of my vessel, and slept well at night. I was extremely happy when my boat arrived on time and in good shape.
A happy customer, 68' Viking